Curriculum and Degree Requirements

  1. Majors

  2. Science Core Curriculum

  3. Free Electives

Students may use any of the following options to meet their degree requirements:
  • Purdue coursework.
  • AP, IB and CLEP credit. The use of AP and IB coursework varies between College of Science degree plans.
  • Transfer credit. Students should consult the Admissions Transfer Credit resource page for all available transfer options.

College of Science degree programs vary widely in their approval and use of the proceeding options and thus students are strongly encouraged to work closely with their acadmic advisors and to regularly consult their MyPurduePlan to view the use of each option in their degree plan. 

Most College of Science degree programs contain free elective credits students may use to pursue courses that relate to their interests or which support their major area of study. The elective area of a degree plan may also be used to complete minors, second majors and certificates such as the Entrepreneurial Certificate. With the exception of courses on the No Count List, any Purdue course may be used to meet the free elective area of a student's degree plan.

Graduation Requirements

Fall 2016
Fall 2013 - Fall 2015
Fall 2007 - Summer 2013