CODO Information

A Change of Curricula (CODO) occurs when a current Purdue student decides to transfer from one college/school in the University to another one.* To successfully make such a transition, students must be aware of the policies and requirements of the college/school and program they are interested in as CODO requirements vary greatly, even between programs in the same college/school. Students are encouraged to discuss their academic plans with their current academic advisor so requirements for a new program may be explored and a plan created to help make the transition to a new program a smooth one. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor, where possible, in the new program or to attend a CODO meeting to ensure a successful and timely process. CODO paperwork will need to be turned into MATH 231.

The following resources will help students navigate the Change of Curricula Process:

*The Change of Curricula process is not employed when a student wishes to move between programs in the College of Science. When this occurs, the current program advisor and an advisor in the desired program will meet to discuss a change of program and whether a student meets the requirements of the new program within the College of Science.