Dr. David Asai

Dr. David Asai, senior director of undergraduate and graduate science education programs at Howard Hughes Medical Instutue and former Purdue Biological Sciences department head, was part of the recent "Diversity In Grants Improves Them!" panel discussion, an event sponsored by the Science Diversity Offices.

We live in a diverse society. The College of Science believes that an understanding and appreciation of our differences enhances our ability to live and work together. Students have a better academic experience if they are taught in a climate that is diverse and accepting. Promoting diversity is essential both to society as a whole and to Purdue University. A diverse and scientifically educated citizenry is crucial to create and fill the scientific and technical jobs of the future. Moreover, diverse backgrounds and ideas lead to innovations and breakthroughs that might not occur otherwise.

Our Diversity efforts have three main prongs: 1) to expose middle school and high school students to the wonders of science and Purdue (and science at Purdue!); 2) to build diversity awareness for faculty, staff, and students and provide leadership training, and 3) to improve the recruiting, retention, mentoring, and promotion of faculty, staff, and students. 

Barbara Clark

Barbara Clark
Director of Diversity and Director of Women in Science Programs
MATH 916

Zenephia Evans

Zenephia E. Evans
Director of Multicultural Science Programs and Associate Director of Diversity
MATH 914


Sheena Mitchell
Secretary, Science Diversity Office
MATH 913

Adrian Thomas

Adrian Thomas
Assistant Director, Science Diversity Office
MATH 918