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With seven departments driving it, the College of Science is home to a lot of happenings, discoveries and news. Groundbreaking achievements by students and faculty help make the college an exciting place to be. Read about these recent events here.

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Congratulations to the 2014 Outstanding Alumni
Fourteen College of Science alumni were inducted Oct. 10

Purdue Science Student Council celebrates National Science Week
College of Science students ring in Science Week with lectures, Jeopardy!, and frozen fruit kabobs made with -367 degree Celsius liquid nitrogen.

CS/Stat Prof. Neville talks machine learning's role in tech boom at 'Dawn or Doom' symposium
Jennifer Neville's "Are We Too Smart for Our Own Good?" talk helped get unique symposium underway.

Stanford professor's secret to "How to Be Successful" highlights annual Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture
Stanford Prof. Richard N. Zare will speak at 1:30 p.m. Oct. 20 at Fowler Hall.

Wetherill Commons gives historic lab new look
The sound entrance and area near Wetherill lecture hall 200 has been revamped with new study areas, a huge metal sculpture of a caffeine molecule and Catalyst Cafe, which serves up coffee, doughnuts and more.

Math alumnus tapped as closing speaker at International Congress of Mathematicians
Purdue Mathematics Alumnus Yitang Zhang (PhD, 1991) delivered the final address of the Congress to report on his ground-breaking work in number theory. His breakthrough concerns what's known as the Twin Prime Conjecture. A Twin Prime is a prime number, p, so that p+2 is also a prime number.

Bio announces Fall 2014 seminar schedule
The Department of Biological Sciences will bring in expert researchers from across the country – along with some from Purdue -- during weekly seminars during the fall semester.

Purdue Chemistry represents well at 2014 ACS Awards
American Chemical Society honors three Purdue Chemistry faculty and an alumnus

Physics and Astronomy Prof. Yulia Pushkar publishes photosynthesis paper
The focus of the research is on the complex protein Photosystem II, which is instrumental in the creation of oxygen during photosynthesis.

Alumni Day looks at Indiana's history
Alumni, family and friends enjoyed history and College of Science fellowship at the Indiana State Museum

ScienceScape sends 40 kids on a 'Mission to Mars'
The annual summer camp immersed the middle schoolers in science for a week with a variety of experiments, lab work and exploration on campus.