International Registration

Congratulations on your admission to Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana! We are very glad you have chosen Purdue and look forward to working with you on your program of study.

To receive academic advising and a PIN number so you may register for courses, you must complete the following steps:  

Step 1: Math Assessment Test (ALEKS)

This math test will be used to assess your math knowledge. Since mastery of basic algebra and trigonometry skills is essential to success in calculus, the results of your Math Assessment (ALEKS) will determine your math placement. Your placement in mathematics will determine your placement in chemistry, physics, and computer sciences. Please review the information on ALEKS before taking the exam. You will need to be prepared for this exam. It should take approximately 60-90 minutes.

Step 2: Student Information Form

Step 3: Upload you picture

Computer Science Majors Only... Take the Computer Science Placement Test

When the tasks are complete, please e-mail Be sure to include your name and student ID number in the e-mail.

Please check out the links at the right side of this page for valuable information to prepare for your visit to Purdue University and the College of Science.

Once we receive your e-mail and verify your tasks are complete, the College of Science will assign an academic advisor. The advisor will e-mail you at your Purdue email address to your advising process.

Please click here to begin your tasks!

For pre-arrival information including student visas, transfer credit, paying tuition, housing and health insurance please review the link or email


Registration: June 15th-August 28th

We encourage you to start your academic advising as soon as possible.  Advisors will be busy with on-campus STAR prticipants and may not be able to respond to e-mail the same day it is received. International students are highly encouraged to complete their advising process prior to the start of STAR.